Melbourne school introduce compulsory ‘oppressor’ badges

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KINGSTON, VIC – A school in Melbourne has announced the introduction of a new badge system of identification where students who are white, Christian and male are required to wear ‘OPPRESSOR‘ badges on their uniforms at all times.

Kingston City School (KCS), in Melbourne’s south-east, said the new ‘WEAR IT’ initiative was an important addition to the Safe Schools and Healthy Relationships program the school was involved in.

“A number of concerned parents had indicated that they thought their child might feel unsafe around white, Christian, male students – who historically have been more likely to be oppressors,” KCS principal, Sue Maxwell, explained.

“In response we initiated this badge system which will not only help vulnerable students keep their distance, but also be a good reminder to the ‘oppressor’ students to try and avoid doing ‘oppressive’ things.”

“Many students don’t fully realise that their race, faith and gender can trigger oppressed feelings in others, and so this initiative will hopefully help create an ‘oppress-free’ safe space for all.”

It is further reported that the ‘WEAR IT‘ program will soon enter its second stage, where all oppressor students will be put on a divergent pathway for academic and disciplinary measures.

“In designing the program we also realised that historically, the white, Christian males have received significant economic and social advantages over the centuries due to their oppression.”

“Therefore we are using a standard deviation model to automatically lower their marks, and will be including new suspension guidelines for them over intersectionality infractions.”

“This would include talking to, ignoring, smiling at, or even offering to help someone from a traditionally oppressed race or class – actions which will be interpreted as a micro-aggression.”

Acting Premier and Education Minister James Merlino has applauded the move by the school, and indicated that he will consider extending the ‘identification badge system’ to the wider Victorian community and raising taxes for those he labelled ‘white, Christian, heteronormative oppressor families‘.

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