Media eager to provide balanced and non-rabid coverage of Religious Discrimination Bill debate

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CANBERRA, ACT – A collection of mainstream media companies have all expressed how overwhelmingly committed they are to fair and reasoned coverage around the religious discrimination bill.

The bill is being debated in the Federal Parliament this week, however concerns have been raised of an anti-religion bias by those in media.

Damascus Dropbear spoke to Warren Mitchell, the political editor for the ABC, about how they would ensure balanced coverage.

“Oh for sure, we are all professionals who are committed to entirely balanced coverage against those bigots of faith.”

“I mean, in no way would I let my belief that religion is the scourge of humanity distort my reporting perspective.”

“Yep, we will make sure that all voices who are against the legislation, religious or not, are equally heard.”

A number of legal think-tanks have expressed doubt as to the legitimacy of such claims, even setting up a record of over 50 cases of religious discrimination on a new website.

Journalist Mitchell, slightly foaming at the mouth, dismissed the evidence however.

“Pffft, we can’t take that kind of stuff seriously as obviously religious people have an agenda in arguing for their livelihoods, safety and protection.”

“For me personally I’ve never seen a case of religious discrimination – but that is probably partially due to the fact I would never employ someone like that.”

“Be assured however, good journalists will not let the fact that all religious people deserve to be shot cloud our judgment.”

“Release the hounds of fair debate!”

There continue to be concerns however, especially when it was discovered that Fairfax media have now purchased a giant washing machine in order to help them spin all news surrounding religious freedom.

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