Marie Stopes to offer free iPads with every abortion

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CANBERRA, ACT – Marie Stopes Australia has announced a new marketing initiative which offers women free iPads with every successful abortion.

The move by the ‘reproductive choice’ provider comes amid an expansion plan by Marie Stopes that hopes to help provide over 150,000 abortions annually in Australia by 2025.

Managing Director, Jamal Hakim, announced the unique program outside their Canberra office.

“For awhile now we have been pulling out and chopping up ideas around how we could increase our profit margin.”

“The iAbort give-away will help women feel empowered instead of guilty, distracting them from the whole ‘baby killing’ thing.”

“We have even provided some free pre-installed apps – including Ancestry, Family App, and DropBaby.”

The promotion is proving effective, with Marie Stopes reporting a rapid rise in numbers of women utilising the service.

One customer, who we will not name for privacy reasons, told the Damascus Dropbear why she thought it was such a great idea.

“My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for awhile now, but we also needed another iPad for work.”

“We figure that economically this is the smart decision for now, as baby’s can cost soooo much.”

“We might even see if we can come back for a second or third abortion, as Marie Stopes has not set a cap on how many times you can win.”

It is further reported however that Marie Stopes are refusing to provide the iPads for ‘unsuccessful attempts’ where the child is born alive accidentally.

They are however considering expanding the competition to include a laptop upgrade for abortions after 35 weeks.

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