Man questions faith after sensing God wanted him to bet big on QLD in State of Origin

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BRISBANE, QLD – A local man is claiming to be having a crisis of faith after believing God told him to bet big on Queensland in the State of Origin game.

Brisbane resident, Shaun McGuire, could only watch in horror as Queensland were thrashed 26-0 after putting $5000 on the Maroons.

“I don’t usually gamble, but I felt this desire rise up in my near the start of the match and I began wondering if it was the Lord trying to get my attention.”

“So I prayed – ‘God, if you want me to put some cash on QLD then please give me a sign’.”

“Then, miraculously at the very next break, an ad for SportsBet came up.”

“So with that clear confirmation I transferred the cash – but then had to sit through that absolute slaughter.”

“Where was God in their suffering I ask you!!”

Since the event, Mr. McGuire said he had complained to his church minister, Pastor Joe, about the fact that his entire trust in God has been shaken due to the event.

“I just don’t get it! I’m a good guy and God clearly spoke to me regarding the wager.”

“Plus the odds were about 15-1 at that point and so I’m sure I would’ve had given at least some of it to the needy in the church.”

“I’m seriously wondering if God really cares about me, or football scores, at all.”

Pastor Joe refused Damascus Dropbear’s request for an interview, but did indicate that he would be assisting Shaun as he unraveled the theological mystery of why his understanding of the ‘Hot Tip Bookie God‘ may be somewhat lacking.

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