Liberal Bishop encourages persecuted Christians to ‘recycle’

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NEWCASTLE, NSW – A prominent Newcastle Bishop has sent a special video message to heavily persecuted Christians encouraging them to recycle and ‘keep God’s environment green‘.

The Bishop, the Right Reverend Stuart Peter, informed the Dropbear that when watching footage of a recent massacre of the village he was deeply struck by the lack of environmentally-friendly facilities.

“I couldn’t just sit by and do nothing while these irresponsible Christians destroyed the earth with their lack of direct climate action.” the Right Reverend said.

“Being tortured and killed for your faith simply affects individuals, but the climate emergency is something that affects us all.”

The Bishop’s message comes on the back of a number of criticisms from enlightened Christian bloggers towards persecuted Christians, who believe they should just ‘suck it up’, and instead focus on more social justice orientated issues such as Indigenous reconciliation and equality for women.

It is further reported that the wife of one of those killed by recent attacks, Aziz Mona of Giza, thanked the Bishop for his timely message but questioned whether the advice was practical in light of the serious issues of religious freedom.

The Bishop personally responded to the concerns:

“All it takes is a little thoughtfulness. For example, villages should always ensure their martyrs are buried using biodegradable coffins.”

“They could even try ensuring their church is built out of non-pollutant materials. This way they are environmentally friendlier when burnt down by extremists.”

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