“Let my people Megachurch” Hillsong’s Brian Houston warns of second wave plague

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PENNANT HILLS, NSW – Hillsong megachurch pastor, Brian Houston, has confronted Pharaoh Berejiklian and demanded that she release his people from the bondage of worship restriction.

Houston has called his people to a ‘united exodus’ after the injustice of NSW COVID rules which indicate that although football stadiums are allowed to hold 40,000 people, large church venues built for 4,000 are only allowed to host around 100.

“This is what the LORD, the God of incredible Hillsong music and amazing stage lights, says.” Pastor Houston declared in a booming voice and shiny robe.

“Let my people megachurch, so that they may worship me in passion and tight jeans.”

“If you refuse to let them go, the LORD will bring on a second wave of COVID which will force you back into homeschooling and make you like that accursed land of Victoria.”

Immediately after the message, Pastor Houston miraculously turned his microphone stand into a snake to demonstrate his seriousness and the power of the Lord.

It has been reported, however, that Pharoah Berejiklian was unmoved and her heart was hardened, in part due to the recent romantic corruption scandal.

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