Labor propose official recognition of Ned Kelly as ‘mostly peaceful protester’

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CANBERRA, ACT – The Federal Opposition has written to the National Archives to request formal recognition of infamous Australian icon, Ned Kelly, as a ‘mostly peaceful protestor’.

Labor MP, Chris Bowen, argued that it was time to re-examine history in light of recent political events in the US.

“We have seen from the #Blacklivesmatter movement that rioting is sometimes okay, as long as it is for a progressive cause.”

“In his time Ned Kelly was fully justified as he was facing the real injustices of police brutality, racism and corruption.”

“Plus, 95% of Kelly’s activities were actually very peaceful, and should be recognised as such.”

Acting Prime Minister, Michael McCormack, accused Bowen of encouraging political violence like that of the recent storming of Capitol building.

Bowen however indicated that such a comparison was ‘beyond disgusting’.

“Ned Kelly was clearly part of a powerful national protest movement, his actions have no similarity to the violent insurrection on the Capitol,” Mr Bowen said.

“The history we tell is important, and the sooner people recognise that violence only counts as bad if it’s on one side, the better.”

“Such is life.”

It is further reported that Labor will be releasing a list of approved causes for justified and understandable violence as well as additional planned historical reworkings.

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