Kenneth Copeland resigns televangelism to pursue metal career

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FORT WORTH, TEXAS – American televangelist, Kenneth Copeland, has announced his retirement from his public ministry of over 40 years, in order to pursue a new career as a heavy metal singer.

The move comes after a viral video was shared of Copeland teaming up with Youtube heavy metal guitarist Andre Antunes to put his sermon on COVID19 to metal music.

Copeland expressed his appreciation to all his supporters over his rich evangelistic career, but also indicated his excitement at the beginning of new chapter.

“At 84, the time has come for me to do what I’ve always encouraged others to do, which is to see their God-dreams fulfilled.”

“It’s not that surprising really. I started my career in music, getting to #17 on the Billboard charts, and always intended to come back to it.”

“Some might claim that I’ve left it too late, but the Lord did promise me that I would live to be a billionaire and as old as Methuselah and so I reckon I’ve got plenty of time.”

Copeland has started booking venues already for a world tour early 2021 after having already cured COVID with the ‘wind of God’.

“My ultimate objective is to declare Christ’s victory over the industry, to turn it from heavy metal into metal of the Light,” Copeland shouted.

“I’m going to continue to praise God for his mighty deeds. I will praise him with the power chord, praise him with the death growl, and glorify his name with the head bang.”

“You’d be surprised how many people can’t tell the difference between a Bible verse and a heavy metal verse.”

Copeland has also released a song list for his upcoming album, The Number of the Conquered Beast, which include a number of ‘redeemed cover versions’ including:

Highway to Heaven (AC/DC)

Welcome to the Gospel (Guns N’ Roses)

Runnin’ with the Angels (Van Halen)

Fence of Babylon (Rainbow)

Saint (Judas Priest)

Reign in Jesus Blood (Slayer)

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