Juno to be refilmed after revelation that Page is a man

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Feminists have responded with fury after the revelation that the beloved pregnant teenage character of Juno was actually played by a man.

The response comes as actress and Juno star, Ellen Page, admitted that she was actually a ‘he’ all along, and revealed his true name as Elliot Page.

Although many applauded the global confession, the National Organisation of Women (NOM) pointed out that this move highlighted the evidence of continued discrimination in the film industry.

“You do realise this means they cast a man for the role a young, pregnant girl?” the CEO of NOM exclaimed.

“Are we now returning to the 1500’s where only men are allowed to act?”

“This reinforces sexist inequality at the highest levels of our culture, and we demand that Juno be reshot using an actual female.”

20th Century Fox appears to have folded to the pressure, and has committed to a ‘re-make’ of the film and making sure they use entirely authentic characters.

“We have always strove to stand up for rights and respect for women, and that is why we are shocked and appalled by the latest revelation that Page was actually a bloke this whole time.”

“We therefore commit to a new version of Juno where we use an actual 16-year-old female who is actually pregnant.”

It is further reported that the original version on Netflix will now include a disclaimer stating that ‘although Juno (renamed Bruno for historical accuracy) will be viewed in its original form, it is a product of its time and depicts some of the sexist and patriarchal prejudices that have, unfortunately, been commonplace in American society.’

An embarrassed Michael Cera has apologised for failing to notice his co-stars gender during filming.

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