Jesus writes thank you note to Trump family for ‘saving Christianity’

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WASHINGTON, DC – The Son of God, Jesus Christ, has released to the media a hand-written personal thank you note dedicated to the Trump family for their heroic service in saving the Christian faith.

Last week President Trump’s son, Eric Trump, revealed that his father had ‘literally saved Christianity’ by protecting religion from the war of atheism. He was quoted as saying:

“As a representative of the Trump family, we are happy to have provided the necessary salvation for the universal and eternal church.”

Jesus responded by expressing his heartfelt gratitude on official King of Kings rose-scented papyrus stationary.

“My Father, the Holy Spirit, and I are forever in your debt for rescuing the Christian faith from certain destruction,” Jesus wrote on the tear-spotted page.

“I did not know how long we could hold on, but thankfully redemption was at hand.”

“I wrote similar letters to Emperor Constantine and Henry VIII, and now I recognise the same level of service provided by the Trump family. God bless you!”

It is further reported that Jesus is hard at work building a special version of ‘Trump Tower’ in heaven for the family, and is petitioning his Father for immunity from all present and future sins the Trump’s may commit.

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