Indigenous pastor says he will only call off mouse plague once religious freedom is legislated

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DUBBO, NSW – Local Indigenous pastor, Moses Dodson, has claimed responsibility for the mouse plague overwhelming NSW and indicated that it will not be lifted until religious freedom is granted.

The mouse plague has so far cost millions of dollars in damaged property and crops, and city dwellers are concerned the plague will soon hit more densely populated areas.

It an unusual twist however, Pastor Moses indicated that God had caused the plague, and politicians needed to allow freedom for his people before it would cease.

“I have a simple message from the Lord to the Prime Minister, give my people religious liberty that they may continue to worship me.”

“If he refuses to pass the religious discrimination bill before the election, the mouse plague will spread across the whole country.”

“The fields will teem with mice, they will come up into your Parliament, and your bedroom and onto your bed, into the houses of your cabinet and on your people, and into your ovens and thermomixers.”

“I pray that your heart will not be hard like Uluru, but soften like the rising sun.”

It is reported that the Prime Minister summoned Pastor Moses for an audience, requesting that he lift the plague.

“Pray to the Lord to take the mice curse away from me and my people, and I commit to passing the Religious Discrimination Bill at the next sitting,” Prime Minister Morrison said.

At this Pastor Moses threw down his staff, and it turned into a magic digeridoo. He was last seen playing the digeridoo and leading an army of mice toward the Murray river.

Reports are however that before leaving he gave a final warning that if the Prime Minister failed to keep his promise, he was coming back for the first born.

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