Incredible in-utero microphone catches unborn twin verbal interaction

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BALTIMORE, USA – Groundbreaking underwater microphone technology has been utilised within a pregnant mother’s womb and revealed an astonishing verbal interaction between unborn identical twins.

The recording, taken by health scientists at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, has shocked the world after what appears to be a faint, but distinct, conversation in was captured between the two clumps of cells.

Johns Hopkins released a transcript to the public of the incredible exchange:


TWIN 1 –  Are you awake?

TWIN 2 – Yeah, I couldn’t sleep. There is so much noise going on outside.

TWIN 1 – I know. Crazy right? Something big seems to be going on that’s for sure.


TWIN 1 – Hey, what do you think it will be like in life after delivery?

TWIN 2 – Huh?

TWIN 1 – I mean, we already know from the noise that there is ‘another place’. I’m just wondering what it will be like.

TWIN 2 – Well, from what I can tell from all the yelling, I think we are in for a rough time.

TWIN 1 – Really?

TWIN 2 – Yeah, I mean, I think we can assume that there are a multitude of gods, far more powerful than us, out there right?

TWIN 1 – I guess so…

TWIN 2 – And from what we can tell these gods are always battling. I bet each one of them has their own agendas, willing to destroy anything that gets in the way of their selfish desires, surrounded by a hell of their own making.

TWIN 1 – Woah, that’s pretty dark. You reckon that’s what is waiting for us?

TWIN 2 – Definitely, and that’s assuming these gods don’t come down into our world to kill us before we even get there!


TWIN 1 – I don’t know. I kinda think that there might be one, powerful, benevolent mother that is more powerful than any of the other gods.

TWIN 2 – A benevolent mother?

TWIN 1 – Yeah. I reckon from the day we enter the next world we will meet her face-to-face. She will nourish us, care for us and protect us, and we won’t have to fear anyone or anything. She will teach us, guide us, grant us her wisdom and reveal a great plan for our future. She is the very essence of love, and no-one will ever take us away from her.

TWIN 2 – I admit that does sound better than my guess. I do hope you are right.


President Joe Biden has already called for the recording to be banned from social media for spreading ‘an inconvenient truth’.

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