Hospitals directed to replace ‘unborn baby’ terminology with ‘parasite’ to avoid abortion offence

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ADEALIDE, SA – The South Australian Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman, is demanding that hospitals avoid using the language of ‘unborn baby‘, and instead replace it with the more neutral abortion term ‘parasite‘.

The demand comes in the form of a new amendment into her Termination of Pregnancy Billwhich has recently been passed in the South Australian Parliament. The move follows a time where many institutions, such as the Australian National University, are looking to upgrade to safer language around ‘chestfeeding‘ and ‘human milk’.

“When discussing the healthcare of women, it is important to avoid inflammatory and harmful language such as baby, life, or pregnant,” Attorney-General Chapman explained.

“Therefore, this legislation has ensured that all hospitals refer to the internal entities as ‘parasites’, defined as an organism that consumes from a host without contributing in return.”

“With this change, hospitals are now free to focus entirely on appropriate medicinal and surgical procedures to cure people of this tragic disease.” 

Marie Stopes Australia, the largest abortion provider in the Australia, lauded the Attorney-General’s move as ‘enlightened, progressive and human righty’.

“We are very excited that the AG has finally recognised the great harm that these entities can have,” stated Managing Director, Jamal Hakim. 

“Marie Stopes is proud to provide this completely ethical healthcare service, and is currently seeking to rename a number of our venues as Parasite Eradication Centers.”

“For, as the Bible says – You infected my inward parts; you spread the plague in my gestational person’s womb. I am contagiously and infectiously made.”

It is further reported that the Termination of Pregnancy Bill has banned all hospital ultrasounds of the entities, as they could be interpreted as micro-aggressions and visual hate speech.

Concept provided by contributor Chuck Rivetto. For further discussion about the Termination of Pregnancy bill, see this campaign by the ACL.

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