Homeschool mum translates entire gospel of John into emojis

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HOBART, TASMANIA – Homeschool mother, Sarah Hardcastle, has successfully completed her translation of the Gospel of John entirely into emoji icons. 

In what is thought to be a world first, Sarah claims it took her the entire year between cooking and cleaning for her 12 children.

“I haven’t done much academics before, but was able to translate fairly accurately by utilising my original interlinear New Living and Message language Bible translation.”

“My heart is to make the Gospel as seeker friendly to as many Facebook generation mums as possible.”

“Language is always evolving… I mean being continually re-created by God… and  I thought this was the perfect way to understand Scripture.”

Sarah told the Damascus Dropbear that she chose the Gospel of John because of John’s incredible storytelling and visually powerful language. 

She did claim however that some parts were extremely challenging.

“The hardest verse was John 11:44 where Lazarus comes back to life after Jesus had raised him from the dead,” Sarah said.

“In the end I used a bed sheet right next to a smelly cheese picture to represent the stinky grave clothes.”

“I think people will get the idea, and I look forward to hearing the many stories of heathens being led to Jesus through his life-giving Emojis.”

It is further reported that Sarah is now working on an emoji translation of the Book of Revelation, but may need to fundraise for a new, specialised emoji package.

Story credit to contributor Clayton Bjelan . For more on understanding how the Bible is translated, see this piece by the Gospel Coalition.

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