Hillsong release new cricket inspired worship album

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SYDNEY, NSW – Hillsong have announced the release of a new sports-based worship album in an attempted appeal to a broader Australian fan base.

The album, titled ‘Glory and Ashes’, to be released in February 2022, explores the dual-themes of exultation and shame that arose out of the recent Ashes test demolition of England by Australia.

Senior Pastor, Brian Houston, described the motivation behind the album.

“Sport and Religion have always been closely aligned in Australia, so as savvy faith-marketers we figured this was a obvious evangelistic angle.”

“Watching the game the other day, I was moved by the fact that God is always closely surrounding us with his love and ready to catch any mistake we make.”

“The problem is that, like England, we just block, block, block out that love all the time rather than just surrendering the entire game to Him.”

Houston indicated that album was shot over 5-days, with the entire worship band dressed in baggy-greens with zinced faces and cricket bats replacing the guitars.

He also said he felt that this album, more than any other, was a real declaration of the nature of God’s wicket.

“Biblically, ashes has always been a symbol of burnt offerings and pain.”

“Sometimes, even at a ultra-positive place like Hillsong, we need to remember that lament and loss is an important part of worship as well.”

“Although this Ashes may not finish in a 5-0 whitewash, we know that our perfect Savior Jesus died to whitewash our sins for the ultimate victory.”

Hillsong have also released some of the song titles, including ‘Good, Good Umpire’, ‘10,000 runs’, ‘What a beautiful pitch’, ‘Great is thy batting average’ and ‘Howzat Jesus!?’.

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