Hillsong release Holy Spirit album containing just ‘wordless groans’

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SYDNEY, NSW – Charismatic Christian megachurch, Hillsong, have released their latest worship album which surprisingly contains no discernable lyrics, but only ‘wordless groans’ that the church describes as ‘Holy Spirit song’.

The long-anticipated album, titled simply ‘Uuuggh‘, utilises guttural harmonies which Hillsong say arise out of the deepest level of creative worship as described in the Bible’s Romans 8:26.

Hillsong founder, Pastor Brian Houston, explained how the album came about:

“Well, we were recording some new songs but really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in the studio guiding us in a different direction.”

“We all came to the realisation that the words were in fact getting in the way.”

“True worship and devotion simply can’t be expressed in words, so we decided to let our grunts and bellows be our praise and the album formed from there.”

Some critics have hailed the move, while others have been more circumspect.

“This album courageously pushes worship where even angels fear to tread, with a raw emotion that undoubtedly pleases the Lord” – Christianity Today

“Finally there is a worship album that doesn’t force me to use words, rhythm, melody, or even hit a single musical note.” – @Jesusloves75

“Oh dear Lord, what have they done?” – Matt Redman (UK worship leader)

Some commentators have said it was unsurprising considering the historical connection Hillsong has to the Pentecostal movement, which made famous in part for its reputation for using the indecipherable language of ‘tongues‘ as part of their church services.

Pastor Houston however explained that the ‘wordless groans’ album was an entirely different expression of worship.

“Tongues is traditionally used as a way to express to go your praise using words that are not entirely your own.”

“This is more a mix between a caterwaul and a hullabaloo, as we wail unto the Lord our heartfelt squall.”

Pastor Houston did indicate that a ‘tongues worship album’ may be on the cards, with a working title of ‘Shabalashagomatalamatiogoababa’.

He said however that it would really depend on how the ‘Spirit leads’.

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