Hillsong launches worship workout album

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NORWEST, NSW – Hillsong International have released their latest worship album, with this one designed for the online church and fitness challenges faced by Christians in COVID lockdown.

The album, ‘Running with Jesus’ was launched to coincide with a recent study which showed that a Pentecostal worship service was the exercise equivalent of a 30 minute aerobic workout.

Hillsong Founder, Pastor Brian Houston explained that the combination of fitness and church was all part of the full life God had for his people:

“First we convert the spirit, then we convert the stomach, into Godly good shape” said Pastor Houston.

“This album encourages us to repent of not only sin, but fats, carbs and sugars, getting our hearts passionate and pumping for the Lord.”

Overweight Christians in lockdown around the world are positive about the new album, expressing excitement at the opportunity to jump and dance in worship while shedding excess kilograms each Sunday morning. Some of the new songs include:

– Cycle to the Lord

– I Give you my Heart Rate

– Leg Weight of Grace

– What a beautiful waistline

– Touch the Sky, touch the ground

– Lead me to the CrossFit

– Eternal endorphins

– My Recovery

Some other religious organisations have taken note of the benefits of ‘faith and fitness’. Local Jewish synagogues have introduced ‘Zumba for Zionists on Zoom’.

There have been some objections however, with Rabbi’s claiming a work-out on the sabbath day is simply not kosher.

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