Health workers to deliver ‘1-minute slow clap’ for TIME’s 2020 Person of the Year

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LONDON, UK – Exhausted health workers have decided to congratulate TIME magazine’s choice of the 2020 Person of the Year by stopping work to deliver a minute long ‘slow-clap’.

The recipients of the award, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President elect Kamala Harris, were chosen after careful consideration of their sacrificial achievements during the global COVID crisis.

Dr Perry Cox, General Secretary of the Health Workers Union, announced that the slow clap would begin at 7:00pm GMT on Friday to honour the winners.

“Oh, we are just sooo grateful for all Biden and Harris have done for us during the pandemic this year.”

“I mean, the way they bravely ran campaigns from their basement while we were saving millions of lives was re-he-heally incredible.”

“We only wish we could have slow clapped for longer, but unfortunately we have to get back to resuscitating dying patients.”

TIME Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Mr Edward Felsenthal, defended the decision.

“Biden and Harris’ action during the COVID crisis were nothing short of heroic and they fully deserve the recognition above the tens of thousands of lazy and overpaid health workers.”

“Remember when Biden told Trump to ‘shut up man’? And when Kamala openly displayed her race and gender? Just inspiring!”

It has been further reported that the union have also organised a ‘Guard of honour‘ by lining up the coffins of those health workers who died fighting the virus, due to the fact they were unable to join in the clap.

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