Government claims Musical Discrimination Bill will not result in religious kids being expelled from theatre productions

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CANBERRA, ACT – The Federal Government has introduced their long awaited Musical Discrimination Bill, but claims it will not permit the expulsion of religious kids from musical theatre productions.

Despite the assurances however, there have been widespread reports of hundreds of children being expelled from glamorous shows on the basis of their innate religious beliefs.

The Damascus Dropbear interviewed one of the expelled teens, 15 year-old music and theatre student Abigail Wilson.

“The show was Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and it was being put on by our local theatre group.”

“I loved the movie so much, and I’m a big fan of the music of Abba, but when the producers found out I was religious they told me I could no longer be involved.’

“For me, Priscilla it is a powerful story about minorities and freedom of expression and as a Christian in the creative Arts I could really relate.”

“I can’t just act like I’m someone I’m not.”

The producer of the show however, Lance Michelon, said it was their right to exclude Abigail and a Musical Discrimination Bill was essential.

 “Look, people have to understand that there are important gay icons in productions like Priscilla and we just felt that Abigail didn’t fit the ethos.”

“I mean, she kept turning up in conservative clothing, running Bible studies and breaking out into worship during the rehearsals.”

“I was hoping it was just a stage she was going through, but all that God stuff was causing a scene.”

“We even suspect she was converting other cast members to her religious expressions – ultimately the show couldn’t go on with her involved.”

“The Arts industry needs the freedom to employ appropriate staff and express themselves as they see fit.”

“Otherwise someone is definitely going to break a leg!”

The Government has announced that an inquiry into the legislation will take place to ensure that fabulous religious kids can still follow their theatrical dreams.

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