Federation youth group bus gets stuck in giant hole

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CANBERRA, ACT – A church youth group bus has unfortunately fallen into a massive sinkhole in the middle of the Nation’s Capital.

The bus was on it’s way to a local campsite for their youth camp, which was themed ‘Cast out the sickness’, when the ground collapsed beneath the bus and caused it to crash 5m below road surface level.

The sinkhole was allegedly caused by weak national foundations, which had removed essential infrastructure from underneath the roads, indirectly causing the collapse.

The driver of the vehicle, local vicar Scott Morrison, described the event.

“Well sir, we started off fine but, to be honest, even before we got stuck the whole trip was a bit of a disaster.”

“First Victor kept reading from the wrong map, then Queeny wouldn’t share her seats, and poor little Tasman just kept wailing from the back of the bus.”

“We had somewhat recovered from all that but then the new kid Welshy started vomiting all over the place – I mean it went bloomin’ everywhere.”

“Then, in the midst of all the clean up, we realised we’d left big Westie behind at the petrol station.”

“Finally, at what we thought was our lowest point, the ground then started to shake, and before we knew it we were head first in the hole.”

Vicar Morrison has however indicated that the youth group intend to get back on the road as soon as they get out of the hole and the vehicle is repaired.

“The bus must keep moving, and we are praying that the good Lord unifies us through his Spirit.”

“If that doesn’t happen, the very least the Almighty could do is stop those ratty kids from trying to take the steering wheel. That’s only for me and Jesus!”


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