Fact-Checkers claim certain biblical verses are ‘mostly false’

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SILICON VALLEY, CA—In an effort to keep user’s minds safe on social media, independent fact-checking groups have determined that certain Bible verses should include safety labels to warn potential readers before they click on them.

A new coalition, calling themselves ‘Fact-checking for the Unfaithful’, have declared their intention to go through the entirety of Scripture and insert fact-check social media labels.

“We were really inspired to set this up by the story of Satan in Genesis – who in many ways was the first fact-checker,” claimed Roy Milligan, senior advisor to the group.

“Way back in the Garden of Eden, he was willing to fact check God himself when he independently debunked Eve’s claim in Genesis 3:3 as “mostly false” when she thought God said she would die if she ate from the tree in the middle of the garden.”

“So, to be honest, we are just slithering the path he laid out for us.”

The group are reportedly in discussions with Facebook, who are considering utilising the fact-checkers as a gateway against the spread of false biblical information.

This could include hiding offensive or potentially harmful Bible content behind a filter, or including ‘disputed’ buttons on various verses.

“We have found a lot of verses that are potentially misleading and are desperately in need of fact-checking,” Roy continued.

“For example, Revelation 20:15 claims that ‘anyone whose name was not found written in the lamb’s book of life was thrown into the lake of fire’.”

“This is highly questionable considering there is no scientific evidence of such a book or such a lake existing.”

“Additionally, there are a whole heap of claims in the Bible that Jesus somehow rose from the dead.”

“As we cannot independently verify this fact, and due to the improbability of a person raising one’s self from the dead, we thought it best to settle the matter with a ‘False’ rating.”

Questions have been raised as to the groups impartiality however, after it was revealed that the Prince of Darkness himself, alongside George Soros, had made a large financial donation to the running costs of the group.

Original story released by Jericho Joe. To read further discussion around why we can trust the Bible, see this piece by the Gospel Coalition.

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