Facebook release new ‘love your enemy’ emoji

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MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA – Social media giant Facebook have released a new reaction emoji for ‘love your enemy’ in light of global tensions and the fallout from the US election.

The new reaction option — in the form of an angry emoji face hugging a heart — will now appear alongside the “thumbs up” for like, the basic heart, and the laughing, care, shock, sadness, and anger emojis.

This makes “love your enemy” the first addition to the list of reactions since the beginning of COVID, giving people more realistic and emotionally complex responses to posts.

“We hope this reaction gives people an additional ways to show their begrudging support during the #COVID19 and election crisis,” a Facebook spokeshuman noted about the new emojis earlier today.

“We realise that any kind of unity is now completely ridiculous, and therefore we figured that a ‘love your enemy’ emoji just might stave off civil war for a while longer.”

Archbishop John Piper applauded the intention and Facebook’s efforts, but suggested that perhaps there was more to be done.

“I appreciate that Facebook are acknowledging the significant role they have played in fermenting division, and are trying to bring in some of Jesus’ teaching, but they are still a little wide of the mark.”

“Love isn’t about just trying not to kill each other. Love is listening, serving, sacrificing, and acknowledging that it is only through God’s transcendent grace that we can be fully human together.”

“If love was as simple as clicking an emoji button then I imagine Jesus would have been pretty ticked off at having to die for it!

It is further reported that Facebook are also considering a ‘crucify him/her/them’ button if civil debate continues to decline.

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