Emperor Albanese shows off glorious new clothes in Mardi Gra parade

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SYDNEY, NSW – The Grand Emperor of Australia, Anthony Albanese, has shown of his stunning new outfit in the Sydney Mardi Gra parade.

It is the first time an Emperor has marched in the parade, and rumours of his exquisite clothes had reached fever pitch in the build up.

The word was that only the most woke and progressive among the people would be able to see the brilliant material and design.

The crowds gasped as Albanese appeared in all his glory at the top of Oxford St.

“Oh my gosh… it’s… it’s… beautiful.” said Alex Greenwich MP watching from the booths.

“The material glistens like the sun, with glamorous embroidery and elegant pagoda sleeves.” reported the ABC.

“The Emperor has really bought great dignity and statesmanship to our nation tonight.”

The parade was promptly stopped at one point however after a child started laughing hysterically at the Emperor.

“What’s the Emperor doing? He fully starkers. Completely in the nuddy!”

“Why would a grown up dance up and down the street naked like that? What a bloomin’ goose!”


The boy was however promptly arrested by the NSW Police, who apologised to the Emperor and complimented his outfit as ‘stunning and brave’.

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