Directors of ‘Better Call Saul’ reveal conversion twist in final season

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – The makers of the acclaimed television series, Better Call Saul, have announced a significant twist in the upcoming final season.

It is being suggested from insiders that the main character, highly-skilled but corrupt lawyer Saul Goodman, will be experiencing a radical, ‘Road to Damascus‘ style conversion event.

Director Morris Michaels said that viewers were in for a real surprise.

“We just thought the series needed to take a completely new path – a turnaround event that leaves the verbose Saul speechless and lead him into a fresh life.”

“Without giving too much away, let’s just say Saul has a ‘blinding experience’ after meeting a certain well-known divine historical figure.”

“You can also be sure there is plenty of action in this season as well, as plenty of his violent former colleagues sure aren’t too happy about the new stuff he is on about.”

Star of the show and actor who plays Saul, Bob Odenkirk, expressed how happy he was to see the character take the direction that he did.

“Saul had always been insecure, despite giving the appearance of being so sure of himself.”

“On this journey he is no longer someone trying to twist the law in a way to establish his own righteousness, but rather as an apostle of True Justice.”

“I have a feeling that these last chapters of Saul’s life will in fact be watched and re-watched throughout all of television history.”

It is further reported that there has been strong opposition from Hollywood about the new season, who are allegedly challenged by Saul (now calling himself Paul Godsman) in upcoming episodes on their many, many, many evils.

Hollywood feel the messaging might actually be a threat to the established order of television, and have sent powerful executives to ‘persuade’ the producers to return to the original Saul narrative.

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