DC comics announce Wonder Woman gender transition for next movie into ‘Wonder Person’

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NEW YORK, NY – DC Comics have announced that Wonder Woman will transition their gender to male and become ‘Wonder Person’ in their next feature movie.

The recent Wonder Woman movie, 1984, was the most watched streaming movie of 2020 and has now inspired this  Wonder Woman 3 sequel with a ‘bend’.

The move is not fully a surprise, with DC having embarked on an intentional strategy to ensure sexual identity and sexual preference is the most important aspect of any superhero.

“We just felt that it was key for children to understood the full sexual exploits of their heroes and how important they are for saving the world.” DC comics CEO, Diane Nelson, explained.

“Wonder Woman, a hero of feminism,  will now identify as the amazing Wonder Person and go on daring adventures to as a man to football matches and pubs.”

“I must admit that the chest-binding has been an issue with Wonder Person’s unbreakable chest and healing powers.”

“But I’m sure if we believe enough we will be able to overcome her powerful inner woman.”

Wonder Person joins a number of other superheros now fully committed to the LGBTI+ ideology, with the other revelation today of Superman being in a same sex relationship.

Nelson indicated that this is only the beginning of the exciting changes.

“The whole narrative is shifting as well, with the entire concept of ‘super villains’ also being adapted.”

“Now our LGBTI+ activist superheroes simply go around brutally attacking all the everyday bigots who hold to traditional notions of marriage and gender.”

“It’s a brave new world, that’s for sure.”

Matters have been complicated however, with a number of Wonder Person’s female empowerment quotes now needing to be changed.

Her iconic catch phrase ‘Suffering Sappho‘ which originally referred to an island made up only of women, will now be adapted to the powerful exclamation of ‘Whimsical wokeness‘.

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