Corporations paint Uluru rainbow in celebration of Pride month

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RED CENTRE, NT – A group of multinational corporations have joined together and painted famous Australian landmark and Indigenous sacred site, Uluru, in rainbow colours to celebrate ‘Pride Month’.

The companies, which include ANZ, Qantas, Woolworths and Loreal, unveiled the display as part of their commitment to importing LGBTI+ values into Indigenous communities.

ANZ CEO, Shane Elliot, explained how delighted they were to support the initiative.

“A few years ago Indigenous communities demonstrated their backwardness and ignorance by writing the bigoted Uluru bark petition which supported marriage as between a man and a woman.”

“We realised therefore that we needed to help teach them the advantages and benefits of LGBTI+ ideology and values.”

“What better way to serve this end than to paint over their most sacred of sites with the pride rainbow?”

“If we ever get extra-terrestrial visitors, they will even be able to see the rainbow from space.” 

After the unveiling, the CEOs ignored the climbing ban and hiked together to the top of Uluru to plant the rainbow flag.

“We declare this land as LGBTI+ friendly in the name of our various enlightened corporations,” Mr Ellliot continued.

“Now, through our generous gift, Indigenous people can finally learn to celebrate a truly diverse culture.” 

“We will even commit to ensuring that all children have the opportunity to learn gender fluidity, and even remove them from their families if need be.”

Indigenous elders who were looking on seemed unimpressed with the display, despite the CEOs insisting that they should be overjoyed by their arrival and improvements on their way of life.

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