Controversy erupts as Trump cosplays as Jesus for court appearance

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NEW YORK, NY – In a stunning turn of events, former U.S. President Donald Trump showed up to his court appearance on Wednesday dressed as Jesus, complete with a crown of thorns and a wooden cross.

Trump, who has pleaded not guilty to numerous legal challenges and investigations, apparently thought that dressing up as the Son of God for Easter was a favourable comparison.

According to sources close to the former President, he had been planning this cosplay for months.

“I think it’s a brilliant move and the parallels are undeniable,” said one of Trump’s lawyers.

“Trump is our sinless, sacramental, Second-coming American Saviour who is now being persecuted by the mob for his enlightened teaching.” 

“Hosanna! Hosanna! It’s all fake news. Hosanna!”

As he walked into the courthouse, Trump was surrounded by a group of followers who were throwing Florida palm fronds at his feet.

The judge however appeared unimpressed, and refused Trump’s request to be referred to on the stand as ‘The Chosen One’.

Some even questioned whether his outfit was accurate enough, suggesting that Trump looked more like Barrabas than Jesus.

As he was led away in handcuffs, Trump could be heard muttering to himself, “America, America – why have you forsaken me?” 

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