Consistent atheist denies existence of virus because they ‘can’t see or hear it’

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PERTH, WA – A prominent atheist has rejected the existence of the COVID-19 virus on the grounds of its invisible and inaudible nature.

Sharon Hastings, of the Australian Rationalist Society, has announced her complete disbelief in anything that goes beyond her ability to experience it personally.

“As atheists we follow our impeccable logic wherever it takes us.”

“We therefore reject the idea that we should accept the experience of others even if we can’t see or hear it ourselves.”

“Where is this so-called virus? People say it’s everywhere but unless it appears in front of me and talks to me I simply can’t accept its truth.”

“I’m not going to be afraid of claims that my so-called ‘immune system’ is going to be ‘judged’ by this make-believe ‘COVID’ thing.”

However, the Reverend Doctor Jaqueline Greenway from Sacred Elbow University, replied to the atheists comments by explaining that sometimes you need to humble yourself to notions that may be beyond your immediate understanding.

“The evidence for the reality of the virus is overwhelming, and people ignore it at their own peril, ” Dr Greenway proclaimed.

“The notion that it needs to ‘prove’ itself to someone is simply ridiculous, how do you think all this chaos got here?”

“All of us can read the story of the virus, you can feel the virus, you can even get testimony from people who have experienced the virus.”

“It can’t be contained however and blows wherever it pleases, and its power has clearly impacted millions across the world.”

“You cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going, but you can certainly tell those people who have been ‘overwhelmed by the fullness of the virus’.”

It is further reported that other atheists have split from the Rationalist Society over its position, and are urging people not offend the virus through their disbelief.

They have announced a commitment to building new temples for sacrifices which might appease and turn away COVID’s wrath.

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