Community Guidelines

  1. Reasonable, respectful, good faith debate and the discussion of issues raised is encouraged on all sides of the various arguments.
  2. While questions directed to another person or to the DD are encouraged, comments directed at another person that vilify, abuse, defame or are unnecessarily hostile are personal attacks are not. Questions or comments in this nature can be deleted by DD, at its discretion.
  3. We do not encourage comments that incite hatred towards, or serious contempt for, or severe ridicule of, a group of people because of their sexual orientation, race or religion. Comments in this nature can be deleted by DD, at its discretion.
  4. We don’t use foul language, sexual innuendo and offensive content, so we don’t expect other will do so on our page. Questions or comments that do can be deleted by DD, at its discretion.
  5. We seek to not discriminate against anyone – so comments that are clearly discriminatory or in breach of any law can be deleted by DD, at its discretion.
  6. We don’t think that everyone agrees with us. We’re ok with people disagreeing with us! We won’t delete any comments that disagree with our points of view. We promote dialog in good nature and encourage others to comment if they disagree in good faith and in good spirit.
  7. We simply ask that people commenting on our Facebook page take care and are responsible as our page is followed by people of all ages – so children might read our comments as well as yours.
  8. In the case we ban you [because of their excessive misconduct], we will be open to having a conversation to reinstate access to our page. We’re ready to forgive those that are willing to change their behaviours after they’ve been banned.
  9. If you feel that any content posted to DDFacebook page, either by DDor others is in breach of any of the above, we encourage you to get in touch with us via PM. Our Communications Team are totally happy to speak with you – even if it might take us awhile to reply.