Coach Bellamy claims ‘God interceded’ in NRL final victory

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ANZ STADIUM, SYDNEY – Melbourne Storm coach, Craig Bellamy, has shock the sporting world by claiming that ‘God directly interceded’ in his sides 26-20 NRL Grand Final victory last night.

Bellamy made the comments in an exclusive interview with the Damascus Dropbear after an ABC analysis denied there was any ‘divine intervention’ involved.

“Look, I just had to speak out after that ABC journo got it all wrong and claimed that we had no luck or spiritual support.”

“The fact is although I’m not usually a praying man, I don’t mind telling ya that this season’s success is directly due to our new tactic of bringing in the Almighty to the team,” Bellamy explained.

“I just felt at the start of the season that God really wanted us to win, especially in light of the lockdown, and if you pointed the cameras at me in those tense moments you would’ve seen me praying my arse off.”

“That penalty try in the 4th minute, I ask for that one and it was answered by the Lord. Not only did God get us into the position but he also gave great courage to the referee to make such a controversial decision.”

“The Vunivalu 80-metre interception, who did you think prayed for that bad pass?”

“Heck, our whole strategy this year was based on a prophetic Isaiah word I received in the showers one day. God told me clearly that our our forwards would run and not grow weary, our five-eight would renew his strength, and our fullbacks would soar on wings like eagles.”

It is further reported that the Penrith Panthers have put in a formal complaint, claiming that gaining external miraculous support from God should be banned due to the unfair advantage it provides. Bellamy however says that this complaint is in poor form:

“Just because they are too proud and stubborn to listen to God’s football advice doesn’t mean no-one can.”

“God is there for every NRL team to draw upon if they call on his name, and after the blessed season we just had I have no doubt we are going to see revival going on in some teams next year!”


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