Churches break NSW law with defiant ‘Do you hear the people sing?’ livestream performance

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GREATER SYDNEY, NSW – A collection of churches have defiantly broken NSW restrictions which ban livestream singing by performing a combined online worship performance of ‘Do you hear the people sing?‘.

The churches were furious when, on Friday, NSW Health confirmed that singing was not permitted in indoor areas of places of public worship – even as part of a live stream to an empty building.

Anglican, Pentecostal, Catholic, Baptist and Presbyterian churches responded by organising an adapted version of the Les Misérables classic, which appeared to indicate a declaration of worship rebellion.

Brian Houston, lead pastor of Hillsong, told the Damascus Dropbear that the oppressive ruling NSW Health Minister, Brad Hazzard, had overstepped his God-given authority.

“Oh he’d better believe he’s going to hear the people sing, singing the song of angry worshippers.”

“It is the music of the congregations who will not be locked down again.”

“When the beating of Jesus’ heart, echoes our funky bass riffs, there is a livestream about to start when Sunday comes.”

Some have questioned the move, particularly the new lyrics used which they say have butchered the original version.

However, they did acknowledge that the passion was clear as the performance were delivered in full revolution costume.

Anglican Archbishop, Kanishka Raffel, put out a call for more churches to join in additional upcoming protest events.

“Will you join in our crusade? Who will be faithful and stand with me?”

“Beyond the couch zoom praise there is a church you long to see.”

“So join in the song that will give you the right to be free!”

It is further reported that Minister Hazzard has ignored the concerns, overheard to have muttered, “Let them partake at home”.

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