Christians switch off latest episodes of Israel/Palestine war, prefer original seasons

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MELBOURNE, VIC – Ratings have slumped for the latest season of the ‘Israel/Palestine wars’ TV series after key audiences from Christian demographics plummeted.

Season 38 of the hugely successful and longest-running series was launched on May 10th with a dramatic opening episode. It involved an incredible special effects scene with over 4000 rockets launched, followed by stunning footage of airstrikes and a 200 human death toll.

However, it appears that such dramatic affairs are no longer holding the attention of previously faithful viewers.

Producer of the series, Aaron Sorkin, expressed disappointment at the latest ratings.

“Unfortunately we have seen the Christian audience numbers drop against all age categories, and we really don’t know why.”

“We’ve provided all the usual stuff – drama, religious conflict, children dying, soldiers, international tensions – but it just seems they are no longer interested.”

“Soon we may have to write in the ‘nuclear option’ to keep viewers engaged, but honestly I think that would be the end of the series.”

“How do you follow something like that?” 

Focus group of the demographic provided some feedback on the drop, with most comments seeming to prefer the original seasons.

“I just find it most stimulating to re-watch the early Israel wars again and again,” indicated viewer Sarah Morris from St. Kilda.

“The earlier creators really knew how to write a great holy war – trumpets knocking down walls, giants felled by slingshots, lepers who sound like chariots and clear out whole armies – that was the best.”

“Season 38 just seems so unoriginal, plus they’ve entirely written out the salvation story-line.”

“Where is God in all this new stuff?”

It is further reported that Sorkin is planning some surprise new characters – such as the moody but charismatic Iran – to spice up future episodes.

Tune in to the Damascus Dropbear for where to watch Israel/Palestine season 38. For a review of the book ‘Whose promised land’, see this piece by the Gospel Coalition.

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