Christians join protests with #Jesuslifematters campaign

SYDNEY, NSW — Co-opting the prevalent #Blacklivesmatter campaign, a group of elderly Anglicans are gaining momentum on what they see as the ongoing lack of justice surrounding Jesus’ death in custody in the first century.

The death of George Floyd in the United States has sparked riots around the world, with related protests held in Australia to bring awareness of alleged police brutality and deaths in custody among the Indigenous community.

Doris Cotton, the 84-year-old spokesperson for the Anglican Warriors of the Christian Resistance, explained why they felt it was important to protest at this time.

“We fully recognise the grievances of the #Blacklivesmatter campaign, but it is also important to acknowledge other violations such as the still unresolved injustice of Jesus’ death at the hands of the Roman police in 33AD.”

“Despite being an innocent man, He was arrested without charge and with excessive force; beaten and humiliated at the headquarters; denied a trial by a jury of his equals; and then executed using a cruel and unusual method of punishment. And to add insult to injury, we believe he was targeted due to his uniquely racial profile as the Son of God.”

“What we’re seeking is justice, with those responsible being held accountable and their body camera footage released to the public. We also want access to the eyewitness testimonies, autopsy results, and call on every good citizen to vote out the current Roman Governor.”

There have been widespread reports the Anglican Warriors of Christian Resistance have engaged in actions of civil disobedience within various churches who, in their view, have profited from Roman rule. Police reports indicate pews were pushed out of parallel alignment, flower arrangements readjusted, and pulpits moved several centimetres from their original position.

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