Christians burn their ‘I’m with Ravi Zacharias’ T-shirts

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ATLANTA, GA – A young group of Christians have caused a stir after setting fire to merchandise of the recently deceased international Evangelist and Apologist, Ravi Zacharias.

The act of wanton destruction comes after an investigation report was released outlining Zacharias’ history of sexual misconduct and extra-marital relationships.

One of the Evangelical arsonists, Paul Apollos, explained to the Damascus Dropbear the reasons for their actions:

“My faith was shaped significantly by Ravi Zacharias’ teachings, books and talks.”

“Anytime I had doubts, or fears, or got locked out of my car, I would just turn to Ravi and he would always help me though it.”

“That’s why I’m so mad – I thought he was an angel of light but it turns out he was a prince of darkness. Jokes on me huh?” 

There were a surprising collection of Ravi Zacharias merchandise on the makeshift bonfire including Ravi prayer beads, Ravi communion wafers, and even a talking Ravi who, when pressed, talks about the meaning of life, cultural powers, and false allegations.

A number of Pastors also indicated that although they didn’t want to join the book burning, they were deeply traumatised by the revelations.

“I’ve been plagiarising Ravi’s work for my sermons for so long, I just don’t know where else I can turn.”

“I guess every philosophical argument that he ever used for God has now been tainted to such an extent that they can never be used again.”

“Now please excuse me while I take down my office motivational poster of Ravi carrying me on a beach.”

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