Christian with gift of prophecy lands job as SBS weatherman

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SYDNEY, NSW – Government TV news outlet, SBS, has announced the appointment of an unusual new TV weather presenter – a man who claims to have the spiritual gift of prophecy.

Clifford (Cliffo) Lemure, a 47 year old Christian from Cairns, was hired by the SBS last Thursday as part of their cultural, sexual and religious diversity employment policy.

It is said that Mr Lemure caused quite an impression in the interview, after confidently predicting weather patterns for the entirety of 2021.

“I’ve always been a spiritual person, but when I became a Christian two years ago I discovered that I had this extraordinary gift of prophecy.”

“Originally I just used it for encouragement and unity within the body of Christ at my local church.”

“However, one day I asked myself – why not expand the gift into more relevant and useful worldly aspects such as upcoming rains and north-westerly wind predictions?”

“I’m really excited to bring God’s future truth into the SBS news room, and I’m sure my predictions will put them on the weather map!”

However, some concerns have been raised over a number of Mr Lemure’s upcoming predictions which seem to indicate extreme and confusing weather patterns of earthquakes, red moons and meteors.

Mr Lemure however indicated that he was just listening to where the ‘spiritual winds of judgement were blowing.’

“I’m not like those fearful doubting weather reporters who just tell you the weather you want to hear.”

“I warn you that there is an almighty storm coming, and you better get yourself right with the Lord before it does!”

SBS has given their full support to Mr Lemure however, saying his extreme predictions fit nicely with their current climate change narratives of catastrophe.

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