Christian Panthers take knee after NRL final in heroic defiance of Sport/God separation

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BRISBANE, QLD – A number of Christian Rugby League players have risked everything by taking a defiant stand against the separation of Sport and God in the NRL Grand Final on Sunday.

Penrith Panthers victors – Brian To’o, Jerome Luai and Stephen Crichton – formed a circle on the field after the game, bending their knees in thankful prayer to God for their exciting premiership win.

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo, congratulated the players by expressed his concern about the act of faith.

“Look, well done to the boys, but I am concerned about the fact that they have appeared to give glory to something other than the great god of Rugby League alone.”

“I thought we demonstrated pretty clearly with Israel Folau that any hint of Christianity is simply not welcome in football.”

“Plus, we don’t need the scandal of the betting companies realising that there may have been divine intervention in that winning interception.”

“There would be hell to pay!”

Some journalists have also taken issue with the players stance, complaining that it blurred the wall of separation between sport and God.

“First they win, then they have the gall to demonstrate spiritual humility as well,” said sports journalist Peter Fitzsimons.

“I’m telling you that God and selflessness have no place in modern sport.”

“Why can’t they just celebrate with prideful drunkenness and promiscuity like everyone other sports star in the 21st century!?”

The players, who are all of Islander origins, have also been accused of not caring about Black lives by not kneeling at the appropriately designated time and place as commanded by the sporting elites.

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