Celebrities boycott Hillsong after church upholds biblical standards

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NEW YORK, NY – High-profile celebrities have announced a boycott of charismatic megachurch Hillsong after they dismissed their popular NYC pastor, Carl Lentz, for ‘moral failure’.

Lentz, known as the ‘celebrity pastor’ for his close relationship with high profile figures, confessed on Instagram that he had been ‘unfaithful in his marriage’ and that his time leading at the Hillsong church had come to an end.

Some celebrities however, such as pop superstar Taylor Swift, were shocked that Hillsong would dismiss such a talented individual simply for going against clear biblical instruction.

“I just don’t understand why churches and Christians feel that for some reason they have to follow the teaching of Christ. Morality is so old-fashioned.”

“To me it is clear that what Jesus meant to say in Matthew 19 when he talked about ‘marriage between a man and a woman that no-one should separate’ was that we should all just embrace all the power, sex and money we can.”

If Hillsong want to continue to be popular and culturally relevant among celebrities like myself, then they’ve gotta drop the Book and focus more on the look.”

Swift was joined by other prominent celebrities, such as American Idol winner Carrie Underwood, who committed to never associating with anyone who owns a Hillsong album ever again.

“It’s all just so judgey and condemny,” Underwood exclaimed.

“Where does it say that a leader should be above reproach, temperate, self-controlled and faithful to his wife? Show me in black and white and I promise I’ll never make a bad country music album again.”

It is further reported that President Donald Trump has indicated his interest in the now open lead pastor position if the whole ‘leader of the free world’ thing doesn’t work out.

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