Brian Houston dances naked down street in defiance of Hillsong outdoor worship criticism

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SYDNEY, NSW – Hillsong CEO, Brian Houston, has been seen worshipping in his underwear in the middle of Sydney in an unusual response to heavy criticism.

Hillsong came under fire today after it was revealed that a large youth worship event went ahead despite a State-wide ban on music festivals.

Religious services had been exempt from the restrictions, but there was wide condemnation of Hillsong after a video circulated of 200+ youth singing, dancing and being shirtless.

Houston however has hit back in dramatic fashion however, with onlookers reported seeing him dancing before the Lord in central Sydney with all his might, wearing only Hillsong-brand underwear and expensive sneakers.

It was also observed that all the people of Hillsong followed him with shouts of joy and the slapping of bass guitars.

“I will dance, I will sing, to be maskless, for my king.” Houston was heard repeating over and over and over.

However, when the Roman Catholic NSW Premier, Dominic Perrottet, looked down from his window and saw Houston leaping and dancing before the Lord, he was filled with contempt for him.

“How distinguished the senior pastor of Hillsong looked today, shamelessly exposing everyone to COVID like any vulgar person might do!” Perrottet told the Damascus Dropbear.

Houston fired back at Perrottet however:

“I was dancing before the Lord, who has clearly blessed me and my church abundantly.”

“He appointed me as the leader of a global charismatic movement that will spread the gospel even faster than Omicron, so I celebrate.”

 “And yes, before you ask, I am willing to worship even more unmasked than this, as I come unashamed in contemporary worship before God Almighty!”

It is further reported that Houston’s followers swelled significantly as he danced down Oxford St, with much glitter and Mardi Gra floats being added to the defiant celebrations.

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