Bob Katter sacrifices prize bull as ‘sin-offering’ for COVID19

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MOUNT ISA, QLD — Federal MP Bob Katter today announced he was going to do his part in stopping the COVID19 outbreak by sacrificing a prize bull as a ‘sin-offering’.

“Not many people recognise it these days, but I know an angry God when I see one,” Mr Katter said in an interview. “Droughts, fires, floods, hailstorms, and now pestilence – clearly something needs to be done to appease the wrath of the Almighty”.

Mr Katter went on to claim that although he couldn’t identify the precise sin that may have caused such a devastating response, he reckoned that the inverted cross at the Dark Mofo festival in Tasmania may have tipped it over the edge.

“Although it breaks my heart to sacrifice my prize bull Harold, a price must be paid” Katter exclaimed as he put the finishing touches on a home-made wooden alter. “Goodbye friend. Know that I give you as a ransom for many”.

After the sacrifice, it was pointed out to Mr Katter that Christians regard Christ as the ultimate sacrifice for all sin, and that therefore Harold’s death was in vain. Mr Katter replied that such information would have been helpful before the fact and proceeded to weep into his Akubra.

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