Bluey accused of blasphemy after claiming to be ‘Bigger than Jesus’

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BRISBANE, QLD – Popular children’s television program, Bluey, is facing accusations of blasphemy after claiming to be ‘Bigger than Jesus‘.

Bluey (the show, not the individual character within), has over 480 million plays worldwide and is now the most watched kids program in Australian history.

However, is seems they have bigger plans, indicated in the controversial statement made to Damascus Dropbear last week.

Nathan Black, President of the Christian Television Media Association (CTMA), has criticised the comments as potentially blasphemous.

“In all honesty, Bluey has stepped way outside his family friendly messaging on this one.”

“Sure, we all love the show, but the last thing we need is the incredible parenting example of Bluey turned into an idol.”

“For example, the Father’s day episode screened over the weekend, titled ‘Perfect’, once again embodied an unattainable parental holiness standard for mums and dads.”

“I’m afraid no-one is as perfect as that Bluey, except the heavenly Father.”

It appears however that the Bluey makers are not backing down, and instead indicating that all parents should be turning their eyes to Bluey to be saved.

“Bluey was always designed to help parents recognise their deep failure  when it comes to raising kids right,” a Bluey spokesperson said.

“For we figured out long ago that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of parenting.”

“More than just being an example of the perfect parenting life, we are now intending to make Bluey a vessel for salvation.”

“Jesus died at 33, so what can he really know about the incredible sufferings of being a parent!”

“Come to Bluey all you parents who are weary, and Bluey will give you rest.”

It is further reported that Bluey household shrines will soon be available across the country, as well as a range of Bluey holiness garments that parents can wear so that when kids look at them they won’t see the many, many flaws – only the perfection of Bluey.

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