‘Black Wives Matter’ campaign launched, immediately labelled racist

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KIMBERLY, WA – A collection of indigenous women from the Kimberly region have started an offshoot of the #BlackLivesMatter movement to draw awareness to the high rates of domestic violence in indigenous communities.

The #BlackWivesMatter campaign, launched in Fitzroy crossing with a traditional smoking ceremony, was aimed at drawing attention to the rate of domestic violence in indigenous communities as being thirty-five times higher than the rest of Australia.

The spokesperson for the group, Ngarru Barga Yipi (translated from the Ngadjon as ‘don’t spear woman’) said that more needed to be done to address the crisis.

“It’s all well and good these city folk have their virus party protests and make noise about police in the United States, but where is the noise for our black women and children abused in their own communities?”

However, the organisers of the Sydney #Blacklivesmatter protest immediately distanced themselves from the movement:

“Any insinuation that there should be a focus on anything other than white privilege, statues, kneeling down, putting up black squares, disbanding police and forming autonomous zones is simply ignorant and bigoted.”

It is further reported that the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Ken Wyatt MP, has committed to dumping huge amounts of money into unrelated areas in the region, which they hope might solve the problem.

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