Biden releases daily devotional in appeal to Evangelical voters

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CLAYMONT, DELAWARE – 2020 Presidential candidate Joe Biden has released a new daily devotional book, ‘Everyday with Biden’, in order to appeal to Christian evangelicals in the upcoming election.

Evangelicals played a key role in the 2016 election, with some claiming them as the key demographic that saw Donald Trump secure victory.

Biden, who is a professing Catholic, has had a difficult time engaging with evangelicals and is hoping to catch Trump’s lead in US Bible Belt states.

Pastor Biden said he had written the daily devotional book in order to gain help guide Christians on a spiritual journey towards the Democrats, and had even used focus groups to identify common evangelical phrases.

“I firmly believe that God wants to bless you where you are, so that you can prosper under a Biden Presidency.”

“All of us can look back and see things that defeated us, but it is our destiny to move forward and our best days are ahead.”

“We need the faith to name and claim victory over this election in the name of Bader Ginsburg.”

There have been complaints however, with some customers indicating that the Biden devotional often repeats the same stories, uses guided prayers that are mostly unintelligible, and that the last section is simply the repeated scrawling of ‘Trump is the Devil’ in purple crayon.

It is further reported that merchandise is being released including WWBD bands, Biden exodus figurines, and an audio book of Biden reading an adapted version of the Book of Revelation with ‘Trump’ replacing ‘The Beast’.

More devotionals are also in the works, with ‘Trusting Biden Day by Day’, ‘Biden is Calling your name’ and ‘He even knows how you smell’ already at the printers.

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