“Believe Potiphar’s Wife” Campaign Launched

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CAIRO, EGYPT – Thousands of Egyptian women have signed a petition calling for the removal of Prime Minister Joseph Zaphnath-Paaneach from any governmental position, created by the newly-founded “Believe Potiphar’s Wife” (BPW) movement.

Founder of BPW, Ms Rashida Neferet, believes Joseph’s appointment is a “profoundly disgraceful betrayal” of Egyptian women, following sexual assault allegations made against him by the wife of high-ranking official, Potiphar.

In a statement provided to the Damascus Dropbear, Ms Neferet slammed Pharaoh, Egypt’s king, for Joseph’s appointment to Prime Minister and believes it must be rescinded ahead of a formal investigation into the allegations.

“We’re calling on all Egyptian women to sign their hieroglyph on our tablet, and join us in expressing disgust at this appointment,” Ms Neferet said.

“If Pharaoh had more respect and understanding for women, someone like Joseph would never be elevated to the position that he was – regardless of how many dreams he could interpret.”

“It’s truly outrageous that an alleged sexual predator can rise so high in the Egyptian hierarchy. The Prime Minister should be beyond reproach.”

“I know he served about 10 years in jail but honestly I’m just not sure that that’s enough.”

“He should step down while an independent inquiry on Joseph’s character is completed.”

Pharaoh’s chief cupbearer, Mr Akhenaten Abasi, has come to Joseph’s defence following the release of assault allegations, stating that he believes the allegations might be exaggerated.

“I was actually in prison with him – don’t ask – and he seemed to be a great guy,” Mr Abasi said.

“It just really doesn’t strike me as something he would have done, but it’s pretty ‘he-said, she-said’ right now. Hard to know who to believe.”

The ‘Egyptians for Better Behaved Slaves’ coalition spokesperson stated today that the organization believe it is only time before Joseph strikes again.

“We believe the influx of Canaanites is to blame for this rise in reported assaults,” the spokesperson claimed.

“Why aren’t these slaves getting mandatory consent training before being put to hard labour?”

Joseph denies all allegations.

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