Babylon Bee and Damascus Dropbear team up to launch international fake news network

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JUPITER, FLORIDA – Conservative satire news sites, the Babylon Bee (US) and the Damascus Dropbear (AU), have announced the launch of a new international fake news network – The Dropbee – aimed at countering misinformation from the mainstream media and China.

Editor-in-Chief of the Babylon Bee, Kyle Mann, explained the need for the exciting project:

“We are seeing more than ever the effectiveness of the mainstream media, assisted by Twitter and Facebook, in disseminating fake news across the globe.”

“Added to that is China’s new campaign to dominate the fake news market, ensuring that only Government-sponsored fake news is consumed.”

“We therefore realised that the only real power that could take on these behemoths is the global Christian message of ‘good fake news’.”

“Through this new international fake news mission network, people around the world will be set free from the devil’s fake news and be able to walk in the true fake news of Jesus Christ.”

Director of the Damascus Dropbear, Ashleigh Belsar, also expressed his excitement with the partnership.

“This really is an incredible opportunity.”

“I mean combining the Dropbear and Bee into some sort of powerful Dropbee creature would be an unstoppable force.”

“Think about it, a 4ft bear with razor claws and blood-stained teeth that now has a poisonous stinger and can fly – that is freakin’ terrifying!”

It is further reported that satirical takes on morphed international leaders are also in the works, including characters such as ScoTrump, Jothany Bidenese, Hillary Turnbully, and ‘Feel the Bern’ Andrews.

Go to to see the new network.

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