Atheists launch evangelistic ‘No religion revival meetings’ ahead of national census

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MELBOURNE, VIC – Footage has emerged of a group of evangelistic atheists who have are running a series of ‘revival meetings’ across the country in order to encourage citizens to mark ‘no religion’ on the upcoming census.

The crusade, headed by singer Tim Minchin, are being held in massive tents in Melbourne, and spreading to every capital city over the next few weeks.

They tent-meetings feature completely unmiraculous displays of atheist mega-preachers telling people how ignorant they are for associating with a religion.

Damascus Dropbear was given a sneak peak of a video taken at one of the performances.

“Believe me when I say-a, that atheism is the only thing that will truly set…you…free-a,” Minchin is seen yelling in an ironically reflective jacket.

“The only Devil that is comin’ for ya, is the one the abides in the religious people who want to infect your children with superstition and hate.”

“I have come, however, to forgive all the hidden sins that you may have in your lives.”

“Sins of hope, meaning, truth, love, peace that come from a relationship with Jesus  – I cast Him out, and bring a powerful new gospel of chaos and despair.”

“If you want salvation, yeah, mark ‘no religion’ on the census, and all the overwhelming wonder of atheism is yours from now until you are worm food!”

Later on in the clip, Minchin can be seen making an alter call and asking people to get on their knees and commit their lives to atheism.

At the end of the service, a collection was taken to help fund all the incredible atheist-founded community service organisations.

The revival facilitators were reportedly delighted when one man dropped in $5, which they say should cover all atheistic organisational costs for the next 10 years.

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