Archbishop caught on camera ‘twerking’ during Prince Philip funeral

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WINDSOR CASTLE, UK – Controversy broke out today as the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, was filmed ‘twerking’ during the funeral of the late Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.

The funeral of Prince Philip, limited to an intimate gathering at St. George’s chapel in Windsor Castle due to COVID, was broadcast to the world on Saturday.

However, one cameraman accidently caught an unusual moment when spanning across the church, with the footage showing what seemed to be the Archbishop performing a short, rapid ‘twerk’ (a low, hip-shaking dance move) while walking towards the podium.

The move comes amidst similar controversy around ‘twerking’ at the recent launch of a Royal Navy ship.

After widespread conjecture regarding the event, the Archbishop addressed the media after the funeral.

“I understand that an explanation is in order in regard to the footage released of myself at the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh,” Archbishop Welby announced.

“Let me first clarify – yes, it was a twerk and yes, it was unscripted and unapproved.”

“It is hard to explain my reasoning behind this spontaneous dance outbreak, but in a way I was overwhelmed by the need to express my joy at the life of the great Duke.”

“The best precedent I can give is when King David danced before the Lord in his priestly garments – I would argue the same Spirit came upon me.”

Observervers were split in their reactions to the event, some criticising the Archbishop and others celebrating his ‘breaking of tradition‘.

“I am shocked at how undistinguished the Archbishop looked today, shamelessly exposing himself at a sacred and royal event like a vulgar person! It’s practically blasphemy” Katherine Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk.

“What a delight to see the Archbishop show some actual emotion and personal artistic expression in his recognition of the great service of Prince Philip. If the church was less stale and followed the dancing spirit like this more often then I would definitely become a Christian.” – Dale Evans, retail worker.

The Queen declined to comment on the affair.

It is further reported that the Archbishop is considering introducing a discussion paper within the Church of England around the possibility of including more ‘liturgical tweaking’ into sacramental ceremonies.

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