Albanese really excited after big brothers say they’ll let him play with their new submarine bath toys

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CALIFORNIA, USA – A young Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has expressed excitement after his big brothers have indicated he is allowed to play with new submarine bath toys.

Albanese told his mum that an agreement had been reached between him, Joe and Rishi, and that they had really promised and have even said they might let him help with putting some of the toys together.

The Damascus Dropbear stood in the bathroom interviewing 8-year-old Anthony while he was in the tub.

“Splash, boom – this is gonna be awesome! I mean AU-KUS- some.”

“Look out China, the submarine is going down under – dive, beep, beep.”

“Round the Pacific rim, circling the point of Taiwan, and up into the South China sea.”

“Watch out for the nuclear explosion – BOOM – wait oops, oh oh.”

“Muuuummmm – I might need some help in here. There has been a bit of a meltdown that you might need to clean up.”

It is further reported however that Anthony will have to give Joe and Rishi all his pocket money for the next 30 years.

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