What is the Damascus Dropbear?

The Damascus Dropbear exists to develop satirical news which helps people laugh, then think, about theology, culture, church and politics from a biblical worldview. Our mission is to help others to engage with the Bible, explore questions around religion in Australia, and ultimately see Christian principles and ethics inform our society. 

To be clear, none of our stories should be taken seriously. By anyone. Ever. All of our stories are completely fake, bogus, counterfeit, fabricated, fictitious, spurious and phony – Your Honour. If you would like to see the various way we encourage readers to engage with our work, check out our article on How to read fake news. You can also find a collection of resources for deeper reflection here.

We are also a charity (seriously) and registered as a public company limited by guarantee. We do however need your support to continue our extraordinary work. To partner with us click here.